I'm not hurt - Peter Bunting happy to bring expertise to new portfolio

September 29, 2017
Peter Bunting
Fitz Jackson

Peter Bunting, who spent almost nine years heading the security portfolio, says he is not hurt after being transferred to Industry, Investment and Competitiveness in the reshuffled Shadow Cabinet announced yesterday.

"Absolutely not," Bunting replied, when he was asked if he felt hurt by being transferred.

Having served as minister of national security from 2012 to 2016, the member of parliament for central Manchester said his new portfolio assignment will present an opportunity for him to offer some of the expertise that he had gained from doing business in Jamaica.

"I welcome the opportunity to take on another challenge, and to further diversify my experience in parliamentary representation," he said.


Closely aligned


"In many ways my private sector career would make me more closely aligned to the issues that would affect this portfolio. Many of these issues are issues that I would have confronted in my private sector career," Bunting continued.

Meanwhile, Fitz Jackson, the man who will take over the security portfolio in the Opposition's Shadow Cabinet, says he never had his eyes on being a spokesperson on security before his appointment.

"I didn't have any desire on that or any other portfolio. I first of all issued myself in the capacity of member of parliament, and whatever assignment that comes to me in that capacity, I deal with them as best as I can," he said.

However, now that he has been appointed, Jackson said his main aim will be to help to make Jamaica a safer place for everyone.

"My expectation is to work with the relevant experts and other personnel in developing policies and programmes that can impact positively on the capacity of the Government to fight crime and to make Jamaica a safer place for us," he said.

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