Bling burial - Mother, daughter offer grave decor services

October 02, 2017
Grave decor done by Geuzuel Miller and her mother, Odette Miller.

Some persons are going the extra mile to ensure that their deceased loved ones are buried in style.

One new trend that some persons are latching on to is to have the inside of graves colourfully decorated.

A mother and daughter duo offers the service of decorating the interior of the tombs. They say they have been getting calls from numerous persons who want the service that they offer.

"At first it wasn't so much. It was a bit slow as persons were wondering about it, but in recent times, every week now, we would have persons calling," Geuzuel Miller told THE STAR.

Her mother, Odette Miller, who started the business, said she has to be coy in the method and techniques she uses as other persons are trying to get into the business.

"Persons will come and trying to do it in their way. From I started, you have one and two people try to do it, but not the way I do it. They just go and run curtain inside of it, but that is not the way I do it, my own is designed," she told THE STAR.

Miller said she has been decorating graves since 2004 when her grandmother passed away, but only started offering it as a service only recently, operating under the name 'Sharon Grave Decor'.

"I have been doing it for a good while since my grandmother died, but I didn't really take it up in hand at that time. I just did it for my granny," she said.

She said she tried to get it copyrighted, but was told that the service she offered was not possible.

Miller, who said she got the inspiration from God, believes that persons who want their relatives or friends to be buried in style are the ones who are desirous of her services.




"If you have a loved one pass on, would you like to see your loved one put away in style? Something beautiful? So what I do is add a little style to the grave," she said.

And her daughter agreed.

"Funerals on a whole has changed drastically over time, so we will have persons that want to do a little more than the ordinary," Geuzuel Miller said.

However, the co-owners refused to quote the price of getting the service done, but noted that it is priced based on the intricacy of the designs and that there are some affordable options.

"There are different designs so the cost may vary, but it at a minimal cost because we have some for really low prices," Geuzuel Miller said.

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