Crime out of control in MoBay - New Miss Jamaica World wants lawlessness to be curbed

October 02, 2017
Solange Sinclair
Solange Sinclair
Miss Jamaica World 2016 Ashley White Barrett, crowns new queen, Solange Sinclair.

The crown has only just been placed on her head, but Miss Jamaica World 2017 Solange Sinclair, is wasting no time in making known her hopes for the country she calls home.

The 24-year old beauty oozed patriotism as she spoke proudly of the island represented by the black, green and gold. She reminisced on her days as a child growing up in the rural parts of St James. With nolstagia in her voice, she said she wishes she could magically fix everything that's wrong with the parish she grew up in.

Commenting specifically on the crime situation Montego Bay is currently faced with, Sinclair pointed out that if Montego Bay could get the monster of crime under control, then the parish could truly reflect the paradise that it is.




"It (things in MoBay) definitely wasn't as hot. The streets were probably a little bit safer back in the day. It is unfortunate to see what has been happening there lately in terms of crime, because Montego Bay truly is a special place," she said.

"I went to Mount Alvernia [High School], and I used to go to extra math classes in the town. Although we had to be aware of our surroundings, it was fun, nothing like what we hear coming from there now."

Having been brought up in a community where she learnt to look at everyone as family, Sinclair believes the country has lost that 'togetherness'.

"We grew up in a close-knit 'friend zone'. Everybody knew each other, looked out for each other and that's what I think we're missing today, and that's unfortunate," she said.

"Getting things back to the way they were will start in the home and the community you grow up in. We also need to regain a sense of value and appreciation for morals and standing up for what's right. We need to know and understand the difference between right and wrong, and teach it to our children. We need to let them know that this is your community, your country, your people and you need to care about them."

Commenting on the zone of special operations currently imposed in Mount Salem, St James, Sinclair pointed out that while she has mixed feelings about whether it will bring about results, she appreciates the efforts being shown by the Government and the law enforcers.

"What is going on now [in MoBay] is getting out of control, so it's definitely good to have the police forces in there. We need to look at as many options as we can when it comes to fighting crime. What is of the most importance is that we get the situation of crime under control," Sinclair said.

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