Mother arrested for beating daughter with machete

October 02, 2017
Rosalee Gage-Grey

Rosalee Gage-Grey, head of the Child Development Agency (CDA), said a video which emerged online on the weekend, showing a woman, clad only in an underwear, using a cutlass to brutally beat a child, throws into sharp focus whether corporal punishment must be banned.

In the 35-second clip, which Gage-Grey said is more than one year old, the machete-wielding woman held on to the clothes of the girl, believed to be in her early teens, while she battered her with several lashes to the upper body and legs. Even a dog that somehow got in between both females at one point felt the wrath of the woman, as the machete was used to slap him in the face before the mothet resumed her onslaught on the child.

"When mi talk to unuh, hear! Mi tired a [expletive] unuh," the woman could be heard saying as she was administering the vicious punishment, while the teen screamed and tried to avoid every swing that her mother made.

Circulate online

After trying to wriggle from her mother's grasp, the child, who fell to the muddy ground, finally managed to escape from her motherís clutches and sprinted away.

However, mere hours after the t4video started tto circulate online, the mother was taken into police custody after several social media users expressed outrage at the clip.

Gage-Grey said both the mother and the daughter were picked up at their home in Bath, St Thomas, yesterday.

The mother has also been charged.

Gage-Grey also noted that the CDA takes a zero-tolerance approach to physical abuse and corporal punishment. She also stressed that parents need to find alternative ways to discipline their kids.

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