Woman bites aunt-in-law over money

October 02, 2017

A 30-year-old mother pleaded guilty to biting her aunt-in-law on her hand after they got into row over money.

Fredericka Walker was charged with malicious destruction of property and unlawful wounding when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last Friday.

It is said that on September 2, Walker's mother sent her to the complainant's house to collect some money believed to be owed to Walker's mother.

The court was told that Walker wanted the money to purchase ''baby feeding'' for her young child.

The allegations are that Walker and her 66-year-old aunt-in-law got into an argument, which ended in a fight.

Walker told the court that when she went to the complainant's premises off Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11, she saw the 66-year-old woman wielding two machetes and hurling expletives.

"While I was trying to take the cutlass from her, I bite her on her hand, and I slap her with one of the machetes in her head," Walker told the court.

It is reported that the tussle moved from the complainant's front yard to her living room.

It is alleged that Walker damaged an electric fan belonging to the complainant during the tussle.

Walker pleaded guilty to that charge.

After hearing Walker's explanation, presiding Judge Wolfe Reece decided not to accept Walker's guilty plea. Instead, the matter was sent for trial on November 13 in the Night Court.

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