Aunt V wanted to be buried' - Community members said centenarian wanted to be laid beside late husband

October 03, 2017
Violet Moss Brown
Gus Brown's grave in the Duanvale Cemetery with space beside for his wife, Violet Brown, to be buried.
In this April, 2017 photo, Violet Moss Brown receives a visit from former councillor Telka Holt; North Trelawny Member of Parliament Victor Wright, and Dr. Peter Phillips, the leader of the Opposition.

Gravediggers reportedly turned up at the Duanvale cemetery in Trelawny last Thursday, ready to prepare Violet Moss Brown's final resting place. When her husband, Augustus Gaynor Brown, died in 1997, he was buried in the cemetery, and a space was reserved beside his grave for her.

However, in a move that has sent shock waves throughout the community, the family of Moss Brown, who died at 117 years old, has decided against burying her.

Thanksgiving service for the late Moss Brown, lovingly referred to as 'Aunt V', will be on Saturday October 7, at the Trittonville Baptist Church, Duanvale, Trelawny, at 11 a.m. Her body will be donated to the Department of Anatomy and Physiology for scientific research. A monument in her honour will be established at the family plot in Duanvale.

"My mother will continue to live for many years to come," her 85-year-old son, Barry Russell, said.




But cemetery keeper Jackie Weir said Moss Brown, who at the time of her death was the world's oldest person, wanted to be buried beside her husband.

"Three months ago, Aunt V reminded me that I must save her grave spot right beside her husband," Jackie said. "'I want to die on my bed and bury right beside Gus,'" Weir said Aunt V told him.

Moss Brown died on September at a medical facility, nearly one week after she was ordered taken from her home by one of her sons.

Weir, like many persons in Duanvale, does not agree that Moss Brown's body should be given to science.

"They are only going to chop her body and throw away what they don't want into fire. Aunt V does not deserve that," he said.

Lloyd Cunningham, a Rastafarian, said Moss Brown wanted for her funeral to be held at the Trittonville Baptist Church, where she was baptised at the age 13 years old, and be buried beside her husband.

Telka Holt, a former councillor for the Sherwood Content Division, expressed shock at the decision to donate Moss Brown's body to science.

"I have been visiting her for years. At no time did she express any desire but that her funeral be held at the Baptist Church and she be buried beside her husband," Holt said.

Moss Brown's son, Harland Fairweather, who died just four days after his 97th birthday, was buried in the Duanvale cemetery on May 13.

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