Controversy swirls around Karisma construction

October 10, 2017
Mayor of Lucea Sheridan Samuels.

Concerns are being raised at the Hanover Municipal Corporation about the under-construction Karisma Hotel in Negril, in regards to whether or not due process was followed during the building of a section of the hotel.

At a recent meeting of the corporation's Physical Planning and Environment Committee, councillors contemplated calling for a full forensic audit after it was revealed that architectural drawings for the hotel had mysteriously gone missing from the corporation's archives.

According to some councillors, aspects of the construction went contrary to plans originally submitted to the corporation, resulting in concerns as to whether there was a mix-up with regards to whether the Negril Green Island Local Planning Authority (NEGILPA) or the Hanover Municipal Corporation had issued approval letters for the construction to take place.




In fact, councillors argued that whether an amended plan was done, the deviations from the original plan remain a puzzle, especially since no such documents were found within the corporation's archives.

Lucea's mayor, Sheridan Samuels, expressed amazement at the situation, noting that there must have been the payment of fees and a plan submitted for construction to begin the development.

However, with the NEGILPA issuing its own approval for the construction, the councillors have been left perplexed as to whether building breaches were corrected or architectural drawings submitted for the variations.

"We want to get to the bottom of this. We are wondering how these things happened, how we actually approve a plan before they saw it," said Samuels, in regards to the National Environment and Planning Agency and NEGILPA approval.

Samuels was quite adamant that there must be an investigation into the matter as based on reports tendered in the meeting, it was obvious that there were breaches of the corporation procedures.

A decision was taken for David Gardner, the CEO of the municipal corporation, to set a meeting of all stakeholders to see whether a full investigation is needed.

It is still unknown whether there is an approved architectural drawing for the construction deviations identified on the property.

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