Cop's ear bitten off by motorcyclist

October 10, 2017

A man is currently in police custody after he allegedly bit off a policeman's ear in Mountain district, Negril, Westmoreland, on the weekend.

The WESTERN STAR understands that the incident happened on Saturday night when a man, who is of Good Hope in the parish, got into a tussle with three police officers who were reportedly trying to arrest him.

Eyewitnesses claimed that he refused to answer the police's questions as to where he parked a motorcycle which he rode into the area shortly before.

"Him park the bike and come out back pon the road and the police drive down pon him and stick him up," said one eyewitness, who requested anonymity.

"When them stick him up, them start ask him weh the bike him just was on and him start get heated so him refuse to answer them. Then one a them hit him and them start wrestle.

Them drop and me nuh know how him get to bite on pon the ears but him bite it off," the man added.

It was said that the other officers then intervened and started to beat the man.

"A because a wi make them never shoot him because them did a go kill him," said the eyewitness.

The civilian and the policeman were eventually taken to the hospital. The lawman was treated and released, while the civilian was taken to the Negril lock-up.

His family stated that they are trying to get him bail and a lawyer because he is receiving death threats behind bars, and he is not in the best of health.

"The hassling them put him through, I would like for him to get bail so that he can go a private doctor and get medical attention. I went down to the jail and him covered in cuts and bruises and him need to get his lawyer," a relative said.

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