Vox Pop : Do you have hope that Member of Parliament (MP) for East Central St James Edmund Bartlett will keep his promise to transform Adelphi into a satellite town?

October 10, 2017
Keycha Lee

Urah Campbell - Retired teacher:

"Yes, because there are things here that would be an asset to the MP as far as his tourism ministry is concerned.  Adelphi has a very good history that can support such a town if it comes."

Keycha Lee - unemployed:
"I hope so, because it will build up Adelphi, but I donít know. We have the land space and I would like to see it, because when you look around you, all you see is bush. We need more utilities, like street light."

Patricia Polack - Unemployed:
"It would be nice, because the young people would appreciate it and the older folks who canít go into Montego Bay anymore would have certain things here, like places to pay their bills." 

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