Sexual harassment cost me my job - ex-cop wants to be re-enlisted

October 20, 2017
Akino Ming photo Ex-cop who wants to be re-enlisted.

An ex-police constable who claims he was set up by his superior because he turned down his sexual advances is pleading to the commissioner of police to allow him to re-enlist in the force.

This as he has been struggling to take care of his seven children since he was discharged in 2010.

John Smith* was arrested on breach of the Corruption Prevention Act in 2006, but in December of 2009 was acquitted of the charges.

However, in January of 2010, he was discharged and his certificate of service stamped 'not permitted to re-enlist'.

Smith, who served the force for 16 years, said he believes the superintendent at the station where he used to work, was trying to get rid of him after he frowned when the senior cop complimented him on how sexy he looked.

"Him always a say mi look good and (say) you dress very nice today, you are sexy'," Smith recalled. "I am not used to men complimenting me like that. So I was uncomfortable."

He said after he expressed to someone that he didn't like the way the superintendent was complimenting him, he was told by the senior cop that he should 'watch his back'.


Taxi driver


He said he asked for a transfer which wasn't granted, and that is when "they try to entrap me." He said this in 2006 after he issued a ticket to a taxi driver who had parked illegally.

It was alleged that he tried to swindle $10,000 out of the driver. But he was acquitted after they failed to provide evidence.

The 53-year-old said that he has tried to get other jobs, like working as a security guard, but has been turned down whenever potential employers see his police record.

"Because they say that I am not permitted to be re-enlisted, questions are being asked by the employers why I am not permitted to re-enlist," Smith said.

He said: "I just want back my job because I didn't do anything wrong, and I was acquitted."

*Name changed

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