Naja gets reason to smile - Youngster receives special leg braces to help her walk

October 23, 2017
Ten-year-old Naja Lewis (left) watches keenly as Tony Boyd, Certified Orthodist at Rehab Plus (right), fits her right foot with a new ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) special leg brace, which will assist her walking, as Martin Gooden, Assistant General Manager, JN Money Services (second left) and her mother Kerry-Ann Davis look on.
Naja Lewis is all smiles as she meets Martin Gooden, assistant general manager, JN Money Services, moments before she is fitted with a new ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) at Rehab Plus. Also participating in the occasion was her mother Kerry-Ann Davis.
Naja Lewis walks with her crutches.

Ten-year-old Naja Lewis had good reason to smile while at the Rehab Plus as she received an ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) special leg braces to assist her to walk earlier this month.

Naja suffers from bilateral club foot, a congenital deformity, which resulted in both feet being rotated internally at the ankle. She has now received braces, thanks to the intervention of the JN Money brand, owned and operated by JN Money Services Ltd (JNMS), after her story was published in THE STAR in July.

Martin Gooden, assistant general manager at JNMS, stated that he decided to assist Naja after reading about her illness.

"I was moved to help after reading the story in THE STAR. I reached out to her mother to determine how we could assist," Gooden said. "We then launched a collection drive among our staff members, and the company added to that sum, to provide the new AFO. We are really pleased that Naja will be able to walk better."

Her mother, Kerry-Ann Davis, was also pleased with the assistance.

"Naja was feeling pain in her right foot and needed a custom-built AFO to help her to walk," she explained. "She was born with the illness, and did surgeries at the Bustamante Hospital for Children to correct the problem. However, she still needs to have another operation on her left leg. Whenever it rains Naja is often in pain, therefore, she wears special socks to keep her feet warm and special shoes that support her when she walks."

Davis continued: "I was touched when I received the call from Mr Gooden that JN Money wanted to assist Naja. The assistance could not have come at a better time as this will greatly reduce the pain Naja is feeling, and I am very grateful for their support."

Lewis, a grade-six student of Holy Family Primary, was equally pleased with the assistance.

"I am happy that I received new braces," said the 10-year-old who aspires to become a doctor to help children with illnesses like hers.

JNMS assisted with getting Naja new braces for her right leg, as well as socks and shoes to assist in her being more comfortable when walking. However, she will have to undergo another operation on her left leg.

The family welcomes more assistance from the public to help Naja undergo corrective surgery. Those wishing to assist may contact Kerry-Ann Davis at 863-6872.

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