Vox Pop - Despite the many challenges facing the community, do you still believe Treasure Beach has the potential to become a prime tourist destination?

October 24, 2017
Ivorine Parchment
Nazree Trenchfield
Holly Deleon

Holly Deleon, market vendor -

"'We continue to do well here in Treasure Beach and that is good. A lot of tourists still come into the area and people are benefitting from this. Things are improving and should continue to get better."

Ivorine Parchment, school janitor -

"Yes! It is one of the best places in Jamaica because we have no crime. The people are nice and are always willing to help out in case of any problem."

Nazree Trenchfield, Jack Sprat employee -

"Treasure Beach is still getting many tourists, but the community is in need of improvement. The good thing is, the place is quiet and the people are friendly."

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