Postal worker jumps from building - Staff shaken by traumatic incident

October 25, 2017
The Central Sorting Office in Kingston.

Employees at the Central Sorting Office at South Camp Road are to receive grief counselling following a terrifying incident on the compound on Monday, when an employee allegedly jumped from the top of the building.

Information reaching THE STAR is that an investigation is being carried out into the fall, which has left colleagues shaken.

An amateur footage of the incident has since been making the rounds on social media.

In the video, the employee is seen falling from the high-rise building after he seemingly jumped. Another person, who was some distance away from him atop the same building, appears to be beckoning for him not to.

Onlookers could also be heard screaming in reaction to the scary sight.

Reports are that about midday, security personnel were called to the scene of the incident, and the male employee was rushed to hospital.

When THE STAR arrived at the location, several workers were seen in groups seemingly discussing what had transpired, some in disbelief.


Grief counselling


Postmaster General Michael Gentles told our news team that emergency personnel at the hospital were examining the injured employee.

"He was taken to hospital. His mother has been notified, and grief counselling will be offered to the staff," Gentles said on Monday.

Gentles said he would wait for the results of an investigation before a determination could be made as to what actually transpired as to avoid sensationalism.

However, he told THE STAR that "There are no facts to corroborate that he jumped from the top or where he fell from."

Our news team was told by the postal services that as more information is gathered on the incident the Public Relations Unit would be tasked with disseminating that information if the situation warrants such.

Up to press time yesterday, a member of the administration told THE STAR that the employee was recovering in hospital.

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