Seaview Gardens residents fed up - say bad roads helping criminals

October 25, 2017
Residents of Seaview Gardens show their displeasure with the state of road leading to the community yesterday.
A public transport operator shows one of the many large potholes the vehicles have to navigate heading to and from Seaview Gardens.

There was chaos off Spanish Town Road yesterday morning, specifically at the entrance to Seaview Gardens, St Andrew, as angry residents, vexed about the deplorable condition of infrastructure throughout the community, blocked the road in protest.

Loud shouts of "Wi waa road" and "Di scheme waa fix up" came from some residents and public passenger vehicle operators, who blamed the bad condition of the roads for a number of robberies in the community.

"For the past couple of years, we don't have no road. A di other day dem rob mi round deh suh, weh di road bad pon Atlantic Boulevard. The wheel pon mi bus pop off and two likkle man jump out of the gully with gun and rob mi right there," public bus operator Christopher Smith told THE STAR.

Another man, who sought to remain anonymous, stressed that users of the road leading into the community are easy targets for crooks.

"The pothole dem one foot deep. Because you affi drive slow pon di road, and nuh light nuh deh deh, you will take 20 minutes sometimes fi drive out a Seaview, a road that is not even a mile long," he said.


Temporarily filled


Residents claim that the last time potholes in sections of the community were temporarily filled was shortly before the 2016 General Elections.

A blocked Sandy Gully was also a big problem for residents, who cited overflows when it rains, and said it's bushy state harbours crocodiles and breeds mosquitoes.

Member of Parliament (MP) for St Andrew Western, Anthony Hylton, who the residents say they barely see, tried hard to explain to the disruptive crowd that he has been advocating for roads to be fixed throughout the community, and for the Sandy Gully to be cleaned.

Despite his words, some community members constantly chanted that they did not want him as MP anymore because of lack of representation.

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