Swallowfield Depot to cut cashier services

October 25, 2017
The busy Swallowfield Motor Vehicle Examination Depot.

Effective November 1, cashier services will no longer be offered at the Swallowfield Examination Depot.

Instead, customers are being asked to conduct business online, using a valid credit card, by logging on to www.jamaicatax.gov.jm.

Communication officer at the Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ), Leighton Beckles, indicated that the change is in line with the Island Traffic Authority's (ITA) new electronic system.

"What you have is that persons don't have to attend the tax office physically unless they want to. They now have the option to make the payment of the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Fitness Fees online, which is one of the value added services that we are providing to taxpayers to make it easier to do business with us," he said.

However, Beckles noted the service can only accommodate credit cards at this time. Those persons without a credit card will have to visit the tax offices to pay their fees.

Beckles also said persons who may not have Internet access can utilise designated E-Tax spots at major tax offices.

"We do believe that we live in an ever-changing commerce environment which lends itself to greater access to online services because it is convenient, it is secure and it is fast," he said.




"We have done quite a few observations and quite a few surveys which would indicate that many Jamaicans would love to have the convenience, and we've listened and continue to move along that line so that persons have the option of doing business online."

Taxpayers will now log into the TAJ payment portal using their client login or by creating a new account where applicable.

They may click on the 'Pay Your Motor Vehicle Fees' tab or select the 'Motor Vehicle fees' option under 'Pay Other Taxes and Fees' and choose the option for their vehicle type.

A Taxpayer Registration Number and Branch Number (where applicable) and a valid credit card are required to complete the transaction.

Once an online payment is made, motorists must use the reference number at any ITA location that has implemented the electronic motor vehicle certification system.

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