Love affair turns nightmare - US resident heartbroken after being dumped by sexy Jamaican girl

October 27, 2017

Andre* has never been to Shelly's* house. He hardly knows anything about her, but he was in love with her and was planning to marry her. Well, that was until he made a surprise visit from the United States to Jamaica last week and was dumped.

"I have been burnt seriously," said AndrÈ, who, in an attempt to mask his pain, told THE WEEKEND STAR that when he looks into the mirror he says: "You tried to help someone who took advantage of you."

AndrÈ, 62, who has been divorced for 27 years, felt that time was running out on him to find love. He told THE WEEKEND STAR that he ran into Shelly, 27, in the Cross Roads area of Kingston nearly two years ago and they struck up a conversation.

He was, at the time, in mourning, having come to Jamaica to bury his mother. But Shelly appeared and soothed his pain. Her well-toned and sexy body caught his attention, and he was in love. Not long after, he began sending her money.

"She is an attractive woman. Any man would look at her and want her," he said.

"In addition to liking her, I was trying to help," he said. "I am hurt. We even discussed marriage at one point. I feel hurt because I was genuinely thinking about doing something with this woman. I really came for her, and she took advantage of me."




Andre claims that he has sent more than US$15,000 (approximately J$2 million) over the past 15 months. He claims that he sent J$30,000 per month to pay rent for her house, the address of which he does not know, and the remaining amount for her to spend on herself.

"I have come to find out that all these money I was sending to her is being given to a [guy] who she has been hanging out with," said a hurt Andre, who telephoned from overseas yesterday to share his story.

"I promised that I would send her US$150 per week. She asked me for more but I told her that I couldn't afford that. I liked her a lot, and said this is somebody I could deal with. I sent her money every week," AndrÈ said.

He said that when he came to Jamaica on a surprise visit last week, Shelly came to look for him in his hotel for a few hours. He said that he gave her US$300 (approximately J$38,000) on that occasion. The next day he said that he gave her J$10,000.

They spent the next few days quarrelling on the telephone through text messages, with Andre trying to paint Shelly as ungrateful and cunning, while Shelly advanced the argument that he was disrespectful.

A distraught Andre yesterday said last week's visit turned out to be his "worst nightmare". He said, however, that he was prepared to take back Shelly if she demonstrated that she deserves him.


Very unattractive


However, from the tone of the messages, Shelly appears to be done with him.

"I used to think you were a cool pleasant person, but you all of a sudden started acting like someone's grandfather, old and cranky all the time over everything. It's very unattractive and unappealing," she purportedly wrote.

"I know you thought little poor me won't leave my provider. But guess what? This little poor girl is still poor. You assisted in certain things that always seem to come with conditions of being talked down to and or reminders of how all you do can and will be taken away at the blink of an eye."

Andre said Shelly has stopped taking his phone calls. Attempts by THE WEEKEND STAR to contact her on the telephone number Andre provided proved unsuccessful. However, a WhatsApp conversation, which purportedly took place between Shelly and Andre, indicates that the woman felt she was being disrespected by Andre.

"You have narcissistic personalities. You are judgmental. And you act naive. Unaware how less and less appealing you are to people, the more you try to belittle them just because you give money," Shelly allegedly wrote.

"I am in love with you, but just like others that did far, far more than you, I ain't afraid to dump you," she said.

* Names changed to protect identities

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