Flies fighting students at George Headley Primary

October 28, 2017
Garbage at George Headley Primary School in St Andrew has been uncollected for more than three weeks.

Flies have reportedly outnumbered the student population at George Headley Primary School in St Andrew, forcing the school's principals to call yet again for urgent intervention from the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).

"I am now tasked with addressing them during general devotions, as they are well-represented, and I am certain that I hear them praying for the NSWMA not to visit our institution," principal Aretha P. Willie said in a letter.

According to the principal, the prayers of the flies have seemingly been answered and the waste management agency has not turned up at the school to collect solid waste for more than three weeks.




"They (flies) escort the various members of staff to and from their motor vehicles, each morning and afternoon, as they are stationed at the school's gate, like hostesses. We even express our gratitude for their in- your-face approach; their commitment to be present and punctual is unquestionable," Willie wrote.

She noted that the'unwelcomed students' are known carriers of several diseases, and argued that the threat of a disease outbreak is imminent.

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