Garbage choking John's Lane

October 28, 2017
Garbage pile-up along John's Lane in Kingston.


The residents of John's Lane in downtown Kingston are pleading to the National Solid Waste Management Authority to remove the pile of garbage at the entrance of their community as people from surrounding communities are mistaking it for a landfill.

"People come from all over come throw them garbage there," Adjua Campbell said.

She said that while she and her fellow residents dispose of their garbage at the site, the pile of garbage increases as people from other communities are also contributing.

"We don't have anywhere else to throw the garbage, but it wouldn't be so bad if people from other areas never did a throw garbage there," Campbell said.

On top of residents using the site as a landfill, the residents told THE STAR that the garbage truck has not visited the community in more than two weeks.

"For how much weeks now, the garbage is there. You have pads, the children things them and the dogs them litter it and it is very nasty. I don't use to this type of environment and I want something to be done about it," 74-year-old resident Marlene McPherson said.

A cookshop operator said that the pile of garbage has become a nuisance to her business.

"It a bring in the rat them and the smell. It nuh good for when you a prepare food," the cookshop operator, who asked not to be named, said.

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