Women fight at water party

October 30, 2017

Two women were brought before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on a charge of unlawful wounding after they got into an altercation with another female whom they encountered at a water party.

Jenerl Turner and Monique Easy are accused of attacking Atasha Brown after they claimed that she bounced them while they were dancing.

"Each time that we were dancing, she dancing and coming up to us with a bottle in her hand and bounce us. We didn't take the bounce for anything but after a while, I noticed that she was high-fiving her friend dem," Turner said.

She told the court that after the party ended, she passed the defendant and her friends and overheard her saying, "Yu nuh see how mi bounce her."

Later, when she was heading home, she confronted the defendant. They got into an argument and then a tussle.

After that encounter, the defendant said she was attacked by Easy.

"Mi no understand how mi a party and dem say me a war dem. It was a party and mi a go home and them attack mi," said the plaintiff, who received a cut under her right eye.

Both accused were found guilty by Judge Lester Crooks, who reasoned that based on the explanations given by the accused, the incident was a targeted attack.




However, while he was giving his ruling, the plaintiff interjected.

"Sir, tell you the truth, a man dem a fight over 'cause my friend and har a mate," she said, while pointing towards Turner.

"Dem beat one a mi friend dem already and say dem a go beat all a we, dats why me report it, 'cause if mi never report it, more people woulda get beaten," she continued.

Crooks ordered that both accused pay the defendant $10,000 each.

Their bails were extended until November 15, when they are required to pay over at least $5,000.

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