Basic school needs permanent home

October 31, 2017
Lillieth Brown, founder, principal and sole teacher at the Woodlands Basic School, along with some of her students.


While the absence of a permanent location has resulted in its nomadic style existence in its 31 years of operation, the Woodlands Basic School in Hanover remains a critical pillar in a community.

According to Lillieth Brown, the school's founder and principal, despite the many challenges over the years, she remains fully committed and dedicated to the task of setting an educational foundation for the children who come into her care.

"Because of the different locations where we were, sometimes we stopped school for a year or more," Brown explained to the Western Star.

"We have been at this location for the past 14 years now, and we are still doing our best, but we still need a more permanent area and some playground facilities."

At present, the school is housed in a wooden structure on a rocky hillside, just off the main road in the heart of Woodlands. The location is not ideal, but it serve its purpose of giving the 22 children, who are now enrolled there, a good start to their educational pursuit.

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