Community Focus: Woodlands

October 31, 2017
Watford Hill Baptist Church, which was established in 1888, is Woodlands oldest building.

The community of Woodlands, which is perched on a hill overlooking the Great River in Hanover, is a one where the residents cherish its peace and quietness even as they battle the social issues they now face.

"Woodlands is a decent community and anybody coming here to live has to live good," said Damion Bucknor, a young resident of the community. "We don't have anybody here who is into violence or anything like that. This is not one of those types of communities."

"We won't let anybody strange come in and mash up our community, we won't sit down and allow any bad things to happen to us," the young man added.

The earliest historical record of Woodlands dates back to 1816 when some 60 enslaved Africans were reportedly baptised between June 6 and 7 that year. During the 1820s, a white slave-owner named William Skirving reportedly lived in the community.

Today, the only significant trace of Woodlands' early history is the Watford Hill Baptist Church, which was established in 1888 and is the district's oldest building.

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