Dog attacks small boy - spine, voice box damaged

October 31, 2017

Nineteen months after a vicious dog attack on her and her two children, Aleiya Chin, a single parent, is finding it difficult to cover the cost for the medical care.

Her son, Joshua Zhang, six, was mauled by two dogs when he was four years old.

During the attack, which took place in the Manor Park area where she lives, Chin was only able to protect her daughter, Kendra Zhang, who was only two at the time, from the dogs, something she regrets every day.

The dogs, which belong to one of her neighbours, managed to drag Joshua into the road and began biting him.

"I tried everything to get the dogs off my son, while at the same time I tried to keep my daughter safe. A motorist who was passing by and heard my screams for help managed to pull Joshua away only to be overpowered by the dogs numerous times, pulling Joshua from his hands and pulling the man to the ground, each time damaging Joshua's frail body further," she said.

She noted that the dog only left her son after his body was limp and turned his attention to her and Kendra, giving the good Samaritan the opportunity to pick up Joshua.

He was rushed to the Andrew's Memorial Hospital and later transferred to the Bustamante Hospital for Children, where he was kept for two weeks and treated for multiple injuries, including a fractured spine and damage to his vocal cords.




After spending time in hospital, Chin has been forced to seek further treatment for him overseas, including speech therapy at a cost US$350 per hour and he has to do it two times per week for six months.

"He can speak a little but he cannot shout, if he shouts you can't hear him clearly," she said. Chin said the ordeal has been a nerve-racking experience for her and the children.

"This has thrust us into mental, psychological, emotional, physical and financial disarray," she said.

She said so far the dogs' owner has not assisted with Joshua's treatment.

She is urging persons who want to help cover the cost of the Joshua's medical expense to make donations via a GoFundMe account she started:

"We are seeking your assistance with whichever amount you feel led to give. The funds donated will help Joshua with various expenses such as medical fees and therapy sessions as well as other surgeries to fix his vocal cord," Chin explained.

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