MoBay pastors lauded for their service

October 31, 2017
Apostle Mervelyn Scott (right) and prophetess Jonice Frew (centre) accept a plaque from Ionie Jackson for their contribution to the Signs and Wonders Deliverance Ministries International, in Montego Bay.

Apostle Mervelyn Scott and Prophetess Jonice Frew, of the Montego Bay-based Signs and Wonders Deliverance Ministries International, were recently honoured by their congregation for their uplifting work in the service to the organisation.

According to Simone Murray, a young leader in the ministry, the members of the Signs and Wonders Deliverance Ministries International felt that they had an obligation to publicly thank Scott and Frew for their yeoman service to the organisation.

"With the recent negatives hitting the media about some members of the clergy hurting their flocks instead of protecting them, today, we have chosen to recognise Apostle Scott and Frew for their excellent work in ministry," said Murray.

"These pastors have been going the extra mile for their congregation. Currently, they are providing financial assistance for two members of the ministry to obtain their bachelor's degree, while supporting others at the primary and high-school level," said Murray.

"These pastors are extremely supportive and make it their duty to intervene and make a positive contribution to the life of their members through prayer, encouragement, teaching, and financial support."

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