Vox Pop: What kind of social or entertainment amenities would you like to see established in Woodlands?

October 31, 2017
Carolyn England
Daneil Riddle
Vernon Brown


Vernon Brown – Groundsman: "We would like to have a football field and a football team  in Woodlands as those two things are lacking right now. That would bring some excitement and fun for the people in the community, especially the youths."

Carolyn England – Cook: "We need a place where children can go and enjoy themselves like a play area or park with a swing and merry-go-round. Even a community centre for the adults would be nice because the community is quite boring."
Daneil Riddle – Chef: "What the community need is a community centre so that both adults and the youths can come out in a social gathering. Everybody uses to come out and support a night football league, but that stop a couple a years now so everybody just have to stay indoors. "

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