Watford making its mark on Woodlands

October 31, 2017
The outside view of the Watford Hill Primary School in Woodlands, Hanover.
Fania Davis (back row), acting principal of Watford Hill Primary School, with some of her students.

While it is not one of the so-called name-brand schools, the Watford Hill Primary School in Woodlands, Hanover, is making an indelible mark by teaching students and members of the wider community to be self-reliant while striving to attain excellence.

"We offer programmes that are somewhat different from most primary schools. We have our chess programme, which we have extended to the youth in the community, hoping it will help them to be a little more organised and focused in their decision-making," said Fania Davis, the school's acting principal.

"We encourage our students to participate in extra-curricular activities, which are different from what is offered in other schools."

The school, which was established in 1896 and is owned by the Jamaica Baptist Union, is located just below the neighbouring Watford Hill Baptist Church. It has an enrollment of 57 students.

"We have a vegetable garden and a chicken farm, which are managed by our students; and we have a parenting programme, where the parents have established a small business through our overseas sponsors," said Davis. "They are presently making table mats and coasters for sale."

The students at Watford are also getting a grand exposure to music.

Aside from its numerous activities, the students at Watford Hill also do consistently well in their grade-four examinations and the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), which is a source of much pride for the academic staff and the wider community.

"We have had all our grade-four students achieve 100 per cent mastery in numeracy and literacy for several years," said an obviously pleased Davis. "For GSAT, we have been able to have all our students placed at different schools with reasonably good grades, albeit not with 100 per cent mastery," said Davis.

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