Women seek 'money men' online

November 02, 2017

Some Jamaican women are flocking a local online dating website in search of wealthy partners.

Everton Tate, the owner of the website, The Singles Club 876, said "We mainly match persons not on common interest, but on economical and educational background. And it appears that some women are intent on identifying men who have good financial standing."

"I want someone who's financially stable or at least have dem financial situation together," said one woman who spoke with THE STAR.

She said that while she wouldn't demand that a man give her a specific amount of money, if he cannot afford certain things then the relationship is a recipe for disaster.


'Dead fi hungry'


Another woman, Amoy said "I wouldn't want nobody weh brucka than mi, cause mi have thing weh mi want achieve and if mi deh wid a bruck man mi affi go tek care a him or di two a wi ago dead fi hungry."

She said that although she isn't in a relationship at the moment, she doubts she will find love on a dating website.

"Mi have couple fren weh find man online and dem a live dem life together. Mi think bout fi go dat way deh but me fraid," she said.

Meanwhile the enticing prospects of picking up hot women are causing men to lie about their relationship status.

Tate said that through investigations, he has identified some men who indicate they are looking for committed relationships are already in one.

"What we do is that we give you a little call, just to pre-screen you and get some information from you and you would be surprised the amount of guys that we caught that are not single and are in serious relationships already even, unto the point of marriage," he said.

After a possible partner for a person is identified, he said that arrangements are made for the pair to meet and date.

However, although women are seeking individuals who are financially better off than them, Tate said they tend to avoid men who work in law enforcement.

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