Fake beards on sale

November 06, 2017

With fashion constantly evolving, some men in parts of the world who have a challenge growing beards naturally, or just want their facial hair to look thicker, are going the route of applying human hair to their face, in a similar way that females apply eyelashes.

One website on which the fake beard is being advertised, wish.com, quotes the price of the 100 per cent human hair fake beard as $2,534 per kit.

Roschell Reid believes that the beards could soon be a trend in Jamaica.

"I don't like to see some of the fashion trend that men wear, like the long jersey shirts, di man dem weh a creme dem hair and skinny jeans, and nuff man a do dem thing dem, so probably yu soon see more man a wear fake beard, 'cause every trend weh some man see dem tek up," she told THE STAR.




Despite her dislike for fake beards, Roschell says she wouldn't end her relationship if she found out his facial hair is fake.

"I don't see the difference, 'cause nuff man deh with dem girl fi all two or three years and dem no know say a weave them have in, so I wouldn't leave him for nothing like that," she says..

Angela, who also spoke to The STAR, says Jamaican men should avoid the product.

"Mi can't accept a man weh a wear fake beard. Man fi natural. Suh a dun it dun if him decide fi wear dem thing deh," she said.

"Although woman wear false hair, man no supposed to wear it [fake beard] 'cause a nuh everything woman do man fi do. Woman dweet fi look pretty, man nuh affi look pretty," she added.

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