Murder figures not shocking for J'cans

November 07, 2017
Employees of a funeral home remove the body of a murder victim from a house in August Town, St Andrew.

With this year's murder figures already surpassing the total number of murders that were recorded last year, some Jamaicans say they are not surprised by the number of murders that have been committed since the start of 2017.

"Crime always a go deh yah until the youth dem have sense and know say the one bagga killing nuh mek sense. So mi nuh surprise say so much people drop out," Maurice told THE STAR.

The latest crime statistics show that between January 1 to November 4 this year, 1,359 persons have been murdered compared to last year when 1,350 murders were recorded for all of 2016.

Meanwhile, Maurice said that in order to reduce the crime rate, the authorities need to find a way to provide more jobs and stop youngsters from getting their hands on firearms.

"Di man dem just a kill. Dem just kill any amount a people cause dem have gun, but this year dread still. That's why the murder gone up high so," he said.

Oneil Wallace, who works in downtown Kingston, said that the increase in murders this year is not an indication that the police's strategies are not achieving results. However, he believes criminals will stop at nothing to wreak havoc.

"Mi nuh believe dem (police) a fail, enuh. Dem a human being too. Yuh nuh see all police a dead too. A just so the thing set up. Dem a try fight crime, enuh, but a some a dem youth ya wicked," he said.

Barbara, a vendor who sells along Spanish Town Road in Kingston, told THE STAR that she and her fellow higglers do not feel threatened by violence.

"We nuh really fraid. Sometimes when the shot dem a fire, we deh ya same way," she said.




Selling close to the Zone of Special Operations in Denham Town, Kingston, she believes that the presence of the soldiers have made a great difference in reducing incidents that could lead to murders. She also recommends that soldiers be sent to other crime hotspots.

"From the solider dem deh here, dem (criminals) nah come out. A di police dem di boy dem nuh fraid a, so if them could put some more solider pon di road, probably that woulda help out," she said.

Another man, who asked for anonymity, said the murder figures don't seem as alarming because he is only hearing about it in the media.

"When yuh hear it yuh feel scared, yes. But me nuh really witness it mi self, and mi hope mi nuh witness it. Yuh just haffi look out and get ready fi run or protect yuh self," he said.

He noted that the spike in murders has not forced him to alter his day-to-day activities.

"Mi nuh really change up nutten cause me haffi go work and go bout mi business, and a dat mi always did do, so mi just continue do dat. Mi nuh go no party or go pon no idle move," he said.

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