Vox Pop - Are the young people here in Accompong embracing Maroon customs, or are they being captivated by the modern 'bling bling' lifestyle?

November 07, 2017
Gail Tomlinson
Oral Chambers
Tyrone Huggins

Gail Tomlinson - Tour guide: "They are more into the 'bling bling' lifestyle and not our Maroon tradition. It is only when it comes to our January 6 celebration that they take more of an interest in it."

Oral Chambers - Tour operator: "They are very much into the 'bling bling', because I am here in the community and seeing what is happening. The 'fast movement' lifestyle is the everyday situation."

Tyrone Huggins - Farmer: "We still have many in the younger generation who are very interested in the culture of Accompong and its preservation."

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