Man attacks dad with bucket of faeces - Father regrets calling cops after son is killed

November 08, 2017
Byron Morrison (centre) and his kids are very upset about the death of Damion Morrison.
Byron Morrison points to the bloodstained spot where Damion was killed.
Byron Morrison shows a picture of his son who was killed.

A mourning father is now regretting his decision to summon the police to defuse an altercation involving his son who attacked him with a bucket of faeces, unloading the waste at his shop door.

Information reaching THE STAR is that 34-year-old Damion Morrison of a McKinley Crescent address was shot by the police after he allegedly drew two rock stones threatening to hit a cop who was trying to apprehend him on Sunday at about 1:30 p.m. 

His father, Byron Morrison, who spoke with our news team yesterday during a visit to their home, said he regrets calling the police.

“Mi never call dem fi kill mi pickney. A true him head tek him inna di night,” he said.

“My son had a bucket of faeces, and him turn it out at me shop front. Dem brutally murder mi pickney. After him throw the faeces a mi shop front I saw a police over there so at the site, and I tell him what happen and asked what can be done. Because I can’t walk to the station, him say him going to call some police,” Morrison told THE STAR.

Our news team understands that a team from the nearby Olympic Gardens Police Station came to accost the man, who is said to be of unsound mind.

On the arrival of the police, Morrison told THE STAR that he pointed out his son and said, “him round there so, but hear weh mi want unuh do, I want unuh hold him and handcuff him because I know him going to run.”

Morrison said to his surprise the police took out a piece of metal and started to beat his son until he managed to get loose and grab stones. 

THE STAR gathered that after he attempted to throw the stone, one shot was fired in his direction by a policeman from an M16 rifle. The man was struck in his groin area.

“Dem tek him up and draw him like a dog and fling him inna the jeep," he said.

THE STAR tried to get a comment from the head of the St Andrew South Police Superintendent Arthur Brown, but we were unsuccessful in our efforts. However, the Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM) told THE STAR that the matter is being investigated and that statements have been collected.

Meanwhile, Morrison’s sister, Natoya, was also in a sombre mood and demanding answers.

“Him nuh really deal with people. When him deh my mother him go out go sell and come home and cook, smoke him weed and him good. The policeman come and him have a handgun and M16, why him never use the handgun and shoot him in his foot? You come fi hold him weh ya beat him for? A get him get weh from the police,” she said. 

The elder Morrison also told our news team that he is also seeking a cell phone and cash that was in his son pocket at the time of the incident.

“INDECOM tek me statement and say dem a go get back to me. Plus, when di police tek up my son Sunday, mi son have a Digicel phone inna him pocket and $67,000 what cannot be found until now,” he said. 

Our news team was told that the now deceased man did vending for a living and saved the cash that he allegedly had in his possession.


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