Full investigation into Clark's Town incident - Reid

November 10, 2017
Minister of Education Ruel Reid

Education Minister Senator Ruel Reid says that a thorough probe will be carried out at the Clark's Town Primary School in Trelawny, where a seven-year-old boy was assaulted by other students.

Reid said as a parent, he found the matter disturbing.

He said the ministry, through its regional director and education officers, will constantly monitor and report to him on the situation as the investigation unfolds.

Reid said based on preliminary reports, the matter could have been more efficiently handled as it relates to the care and protection of the children involved in the incident.

A meeting was convened by the school board on Wednesday with all parties concerned present.

It was agreed that immediate training of the school board is to be organised by education ministry personnel to adequately empower the members with knowledge and guidelines that govern child care and protection.

The principal is to recruit a suitably qualified applicant for the position of school security officer on the Ministry's Apprenticeship Programme.

This person will manage the gate operations and receive training in other matters relating to the general security and safety of children on the school's compound.




An educational social worker is to visit the school community in order to conduct a social enquiry report on the parties involved.

The ministry is awaiting the official findings and recommendations of the investigations from both the Office of the Children's Advocate and the Child Development Agency.

Reid is also awaiting the formal report from the school board, and action will be taken in accordance with the code of regulation.

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