Vendors want greater security at 'Ray Ray Market'

November 10, 2017
Elaine Dixon shows the receipt for $300 to use the market on a daily basis.
The gutted Ray Ray Market.

 Following a fire that destroyed several stalls and section of a store room  at the ‘Ray Ray Market' in downtown Kingston, some vendors are calling on the authorities to provide greater security as well as maintenance for the market.

One vendor who spoke to THE WEEKEND STAR on a condition of anonymity, said along with their stalls being damaged regularly, they have to remove used condoms and faeces from the areas where their stalls were built before they can set out their goods in the mornings.

“Wi affi come clean up a morning time cause a condom like rice grain cause dem have sex pon mi stall and (defecate) in yah, sometime we affi pay (to clean it up),” the vendor said.

She said despite paying a fee $300 daily except on Wednesdays and Sundays to sell in the market, the vendors are the ones who have to to maintain the market and rebuild their stalls out of their pockets whenever they are destroyed.

Another vendor, Angie Palmer, believes that the presence of security at the market would help to put an end to the frequent fires.

“Mi tired a dis thing suh every year. A $3,500 or $2,500 fi mek a stall,” she said. “We need help this time. Every year it bun dung we neva get no help yet. So now we a call pon the mayor and the prime minister fi help.Wi nuh have it. We even affi pay man fi clean up the place.”




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