'Volcano' damages road in St Catherine

November 15, 2017
The presence of this gaping hole at the corner of the Linstead mainroad and Church Road in St Catherine has reduced that section of the road to single-lane traffic.

A gaping hole has appeared at the corner of the Linstead main road and Church Road in St Catherine, and it has become a major cause for concern for motorists as well as pedestrians.

The presence of the hole has reduced that section of the road to single-lane traffic.

"Yuh know say di road deh ya good good and we just a pass one day and mi see the road crack up and water just a spray up inna di air. It blow up like a volcano and bare water a spray up inna di air. Dem say a explode di road explode," one resident told THE STAR.




He said that despite the incident occurring sometime ago, it is yet to be fixed by the authorities.

"Dem come and look pon it couple of times but a months now it deh yah suh and it dangerous, cause a man can a drive and him car drop inna it," he said.

Peter Abrahams, the councillor for the Bog Walk Division, said that the road damage has been a long-standing problem.

"What we found out the last time is that there is a manhole that comes across the road burst. So the water full up the manhole and start to leak along here," he added.

To prevent the problem from happening again, Abrahams said he suggested that the National Works Agency fix the road before the National Water Commission completed the work.

"I advised the National Water Commission man not go any further until the Works Agency come and I have pictures on my phone. I have had several meetings with the Works Agency to have them come to fix this because an accident happened here just recently," he said.

THE STAR tried unsuccessfully to contact the National Water Commission and the National Works Agency for comments.

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