Mhm hm! - sales of natural juice increases after song's release

November 16, 2017
Some of the popular Buck Up Inna juice sold by Doran Miller.

Vybz Kartel's hit song, Mhm Hm, not only has persons singing along to the lyrics, but also purchasing in droves the mixture of oats, peanut and nutmeg, which he sings about in the song.

According to one man who sells the juice, the demand for the product has been so great that it has caused him to change the label on his own bottles to match the song's title.

Doran 'Bretless' Miller, 27, the founder of Life Juices, said he was forced to change the name of that particular drink after persons began referring to it by a phrase from the song after the single was released almost two months ago.

"The people who buy it, every time dem see mi dem say: Gi mi a 'Back Up Inna,' and mi friend dem round me a say fi work wid the slang cause yu done know Teacha a di boss," he told THE STAR.

Although he has been selling the juice, which he makes from scratch, on Harbour Street in downtown Kingston for almost two years, he said that sales have increased since Kartel's song.

"I did a do the blend up long before Kartel do di song, but mi say mi a put di slang pon it and gi it a try cause 'Buck Up Inna' a run di place. So mi just try it, and mi just use di slang and it took off," he said.

"It (sales) more than increase. Yeah, man. It tun up. People from all over a call me. People from Philadelphia and Canada a ask if me can send dem and people from all over Jamaica a call me, every minute mi phone ring," he added.




He said that with the rise in demand, he now has to employ three of his friends to assist him. He intends on getting an industrial blender so that he can make a greater amount of the product in each batch.

"Mi hardly can have fi sell people, a order mi affi a sell by. Right now mi need sponsorship to how di thing up," he said.

Miller also sells other juices including spirulina, cashew juice, beet root with sorrel, beet root with carrot, and peanut and carrot. He also sells a variety of roots medicine like bitters.

He said he plans to keep the name 'Buck Up Inna' because "even when the song pass people still a go call it Buck Up Inna."

And whenever he is not making and selling the product, Miller said he can be found onstage performing, as he is also an aspiring artiste.

"Mi a artiste otherwise. Mi can do mi thing too cause me go pon a small tour the other day a Guyana," he said.

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