Raped, shot, left to die - Woman relives horror 21 years after attack

November 17, 2017
GROWTH director Simone Edwards adjusts the wheelchair for Angela Crew.
Angela Crew (in wheelchair) is surrounded by GROWTH members (from left) Camile Stewart, Keisha McQuahor and Simone Edwards.

Angela Crew has been relying on a wheelchair to get around for 21 years. Before a fateful February night in 1996, she was a sprightly 25-year-old cosmologist, enjoying her youthful life.

But tragedy struck when she was attacked by a gunman, brutally raped, robbed, shot and left for dead. The Waterford resident said that she is haunted by the events which are fresh in her mind as if it were yesterday.

"It was about 8 o'clock on February 6, 1996. I was walking home after I went to do my friend's hair at London Avenue in Passagefort. I decided to walk home, as it was not that late and it was nearby. I was walking along the road and a man started to trail mi. When mi reach further on the road, the man, who had a gun, point it pon mi and seh go on walking," the teary-eyed Crew said.




She told THE WEEKEND STAR that she thought that the man was about to rob her of her jewellery. But that was not all the man wanted. Instead, he forced her inside a motor car, took a seat next to her and instructed the man behind the steering wheel to drive. Crew said that upon reaching a section of the road she tried to jump from the moving vehicle, but was overpowered by her would-be rapist.

Crew, 46, said that she was taken to Greater Portmore, where she was raped.

After her ordeal, the rapist told her to run and she obeyed. She was shot in her shoulder, head and leg.

"Eventually, I was taken to hospital and treated, but was greeted with the sad news that my spine was injured and that I won't be able to walk again, and from then I am in a wheelchair," Crew said.

"I am very sad that there are things that I would normally do and make a living and now it is just the kindness of others that help me survive," Crew said.

Despite her condition, she said that she is thankful for life as many are not around to tell a story.

Having heard of Crew's dilemma, the Portmore-based Giving Real Opportunity With True Help (GROWTH) Foundation and Smile, out of Boston, USA, donated a wheelchair to her.

"We have heard of the need, so we contacted Elaine Millen from Smile and we were sent the wheelchair. We are going to continue assisting her as her need is a great one," GROWTH Director Simone Edwards said.

Crew smiled brightly as she accepted the donation, but said there is nothing that can erase the agony and despair of the life-changing incident 21 years ago.

"I am pleased and very thankful for this donation, as the old wheelchair was very uncomfortable. I have been suffering for a new chair for years. Now, I will be able to move around easier," Crew said, who depends on vending as her main source of income.

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