Babymother begs court not to imprison children's father

November 20, 2017

A man avoided spending time in prison after his babymother begged the court to have mercy on him.

Roger Ferron pleaded guilty to assault ocassioning bodily harm when he appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last Friday, in a case where the mother of his children was the complainant.

The court was told that Ferron and his babymother got into an argument when he punched her and held her by her neck and hit her head against the wall, causing injury.

When he was asked to explain why he assaulted her, Ferron told the court "A true she go police station mek wi end up yah so."

"Nobody nuh perfect. A mi babymother fi 15 years and wi have a likkle dispute," he continued.

He said that he had three children with the complainant.

"Your Honour, mi never punch her. Mi just hold her neck and jerk her and she drop and her mouth buss and mi walk weh and she go fi the police dem," he explained.

When Ferron had completed his explanation, Judge Lester Crooks sentenced him to nine months at hard labour.

"No, Your Honour. Mi nuh want him go prison," his babymother yelled out after the pronouncement. She said it was the first time he was hitting her.

After a long pause, Crooks said, "Two years suspended sentence."

However, he admonished Ferron before he exited the docks.

"You are not going to prison, not because of me. It is because of her," he said, noting that he spoke of the abuse as if it was nothing.

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