Garbage collector wants better pay

November 21, 2017
These two women were seen riding a garbage truck on Spanish Town Road on Wednesday, September, 18, 2013.

John Brown* spends his days on the back of a garbage truck collecting tons of smelly domestic waste, but these days he can't motivate himself to go to work.

And this has nothing to do with whether he enjoys his dirty job. It is because of money.

According to John, he is paid $1,240 per day.

"That amount of money can't do anything for me. They need to raise the pay," he told THE STAR.

John told THE STAR that he has been working with the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) for 16 years.

"Mi have mi daughter fi sen go school and mi still affi a try save a likkle money from that in case of a rainy day," he said.

Executive director of the NWSMA, Audley Gordon, refused to comment on John's call for a salary increase.

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