Icilda Morgan, a foundation vendor at Scott’s Cove

November 21, 2017
Icilda Morgan has been selling boiled corns at Scott's Cove for more than 30 years.

Icilda Morgan has been selling boiled corn at Scott's Cove at the border of St Elizabeth and Westmoreland, for more than 30 years. The 48-year-old Morgan, whose boiled corn are sold for $150 each, is legendary among her clients. She is not a talkative person, but her infectious smile always seems to warm the hearts of the many persons who have been patronising her for years.

"I am really enjoying it here," said Morgan. "The slowest period you will have is the back-to-school time, but during the holidays, we have good sales, and my working relationship with the other vendors is good."

Morgan sells at the roadside rest-stop attraction, which is popularly called Border. She claims to have been one of the early architects who carved out the area and started selling a variety of food such as fried fish and bammy to passing motorists.

"One Sunday evening, the lady and I were talking, and we said that we wanted to try something at Border, and that we would sell some things," Morgan recalled. She said the conversation was with a woman who has since migrated. "At that time, traffic through the area was steadily increasing, so we came out here on the Monday morning and fried some fish."

"That time, out here was bushy, not like now, but we came out and sat with two basins of sliced fish, and when the motorists came by they bought us out. After that, other people just started coming out."

Today, Scott's Cove is famous for its fried fish and bammy, which can be had for approximately $1,200 per serving.

Despite being a fixture at Border for all of her adult life, Morgan is not entertaining any thoughts of retirement as she still enjoys working alongside the other vendors.

"While I am here, I will continue working," said Morgan. "I don't do anything other than cook my corn when I can get it and sell my drinks."

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