Rosemount residents living in fear

November 21, 2017
Police use yellow tape to block off the entrance to the Kingston Mall in downtown Kingston during their investigation into a murder-suicide in 2016. A security guard had reportedly shot and killed his girlfriend at the scene before killing himself.


Residents of Rosemount, which lies on the outskirts of Montego Bay, are now cowering in fear following recent attacks on the community by marauding gangsters.

This has resulted in the death of one man and the shattering of a peace the residents enjoyed amid the ongoing carnage in the parish.

The dead man, identified as Wade 'Teelie' Mitchell, was cornered by several heavily armed thugs near a supermarket in the community last Monday night. He was shot multiple times and died on the spot.

"Me nuh know why dem kill him, but a definitely him dem come fah as other youth did out deh with him, but a him alone dem tek out," a resident told the Western Star. "Since him dead, a two time gunman run in back and shot up de place. Luckily nobody else nuh dead."

Despite being sandwiched by several volatile communities including Rose Heights and Salt Spring Road, which are both overrun by bloodthirsty gangsters, Rosemount was at peace before the latest incidents.

"Most of the families in Rosemount have been here for 40 to 50 years. Everybody knows everybody and many of them are blood relatives, residents," a justice of the peace told the Western Star.

Based on information, it would appear that the attack on Rosemount might have been as a result of the young men in the community refusing to align themselves to gangs operating in surrounding communities.

"It is like seh some man over the Gully Side (an informal community) want the youth dem tek side with dem in a gang war but the youth dem a resist dem," a source told the Western Star. "Di youth dem bout yah nuh inna no gang thing, a peace dem a seh."

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