Vox Pop : Based on the plans to upgrade the facilities at Scott’s Cove, do you believe there is a future in fish vending for the younger folks?

November 21, 2017
Grace Wilson
Marcia Grant
Seja Blackwood


Marcia Grant-Wedderburn, fish vendor:

"I would say yes because they see how selling here has work for their parents, who were able to make a future for themselves right here."

Seja Blackwood, fish vendor:

"Yes, I see that because many young people like myself cannot get no other work. So by coming to sell here we can make something even though things are not bright all the time."

Grace Wilson, fish vendor:

 "We have a lot of youngsters out here with us a day time and them enjoy what they doing. So the younger people are here to ensure that things continue after we are gone, so I would say yes."


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