Homeless man rescued from gully

November 22, 2017
Police and firefighters pooled resources to rescue this homeless man from the gully.
Police and firefighters pooled resources to rescue this homeless man from the gully.


Police and fire personnel had to pool muscles together to lift a homeless man from a gully located along Half-Way Tree Road in St Andrew, after he was rescued from gushing waters by another male who saw him in despair.

The homeless man, who was subsequently rushed to the hospital, is said to have fallen in the gully after an epilepsy seizure.

Our news team understands that it was a worker from the nearby Dental Smile Clinic who saw what was happening and raised an alarm.

She told THE STAR: "My co-worker and I were upstairs and we were looking through the window, and we saw this person in the gully. We were shouting thinking he was dead, and we were going to call the police. Some passer-by was walking, and we told them to check and nobody wanted to check."

Our news team gathered that the man eventually got up and told the women he had epilepsy, and that he was from Westmoreland and homeless.

But he would fall again.

"He told us he lived on the street, then we saw him fall and hit his head. We made an alarm, and a gentleman went down there and pulled him from the water. He was jittery because the epilepsy was on him," the woman told THE STAR.

According to other eyewitnesses, his shoe was placed over his head and he recovered.

The incident occurred shortly after midday and resulted in a pile up of traffic along the busy roadway.

A ladder and rope were eventually used to lift the man to safety. He was then placed in the back of a police service vehicle.

The many onlookers applauded the efforts of the rescue personnel, and many were thankful that the frantic rescue was successful.

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