Coaster bus gets birthday party

November 23, 2017
Operators and passengers celebrated 'Miami Vice' last Friday.
The birthday cake that was done for 'Miami Vice'.
Gavin 'Bleachas' Dixon poses in front of his bus 'Miami Vice'.

Friday, November 17, was a day of celebration for the operators and passengers of the 'Miami Vice' Coaster bus, which transports college students in the Corporate Area from Monday to Friday each week.

The day marked four years that Gavin 'Bleachas' Dixon became the owner and driver of the vehicle, so he decided to have a birthday party in honour of the accomplishment as well as to acknowledge the loyalty of some of his passengers.

"Me born November and a portion a people weh tek di bus born November. On Friday, we come together and buy a one cake, mark up Miami Vice pon it, order some pizza, and we just dweet pon it and celebrate birthday and the bus inna it," he told THE STAR, adding that he also treated his passengers last Christmas.

He said that he has a good relationship with a group of passengers, and that a WhatsApp group was also built for them.

"Mi have some real fans weh nah move a night time cause dem look out fi mi, and mi look out fi dem," he said.

Dixon, who told THE STAR that he has been a bus driver for more than 15 years. He said that the passengers help him to market the bus, and to show his appreciation from them, he tries to give back to them.




"Yuh have a youth pon the bus name Kevaughn Brown, him do all picture, all video, and promote wi bus. Him a di youth weh highlight our bus a road fi we," he said.

"Yuh haffi know fi market yuh thing cause at the end a di day, a portion a bus deh pon di road, so me just try fi market my thing inna a different form," he continued.

Based on this kind of marketing, he said persons often call him to do trips.

"Pon weekend mi do mi likkle excursion. A because mi have mi thing dem pon social media and true people love my bus, them always a promote my bus. That's why people always a call me," Dixon explained.

He said that the bus, which is even outfitted with many lights, television and electrical sockets, has even appeared in a Pepsi commercial.

"From mi a likkle youth a grow up and inna bus thing, mi love mi likkle light dem and mi likkle TV dem. So now that me have mi thing now, Wi-Fi inna di bus. Mi have a 110 current inna di bus weh yuh can plug in things. If mi go pon trip and a girl have har curling iron, she can get dat plug in deh," he told THE STAR.

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