More help for Dominica - but potential new problem

November 23, 2017
Public community relations sSpecialist with Jamaica Energy Partners and West Kingston Power Partners, Melissa Newman (left), director general of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), Major Clive Davis (second right), and deputy director general, Richard Thompson (right), assist in displaying a replica of a cheque valued $804,000, donated by the companies for the Dominica hurricane relief effort. Also pictured are staff members of the companies.

Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP) recently presented the Office of Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management (ODPEM) a cheque for the sum of J$804,000 to assist Dominica with its hurricane relief efforts.

In the wake of damage caused by catastrophic Hurricane Maria, representatives from Jamaica Energy Partners and affiliate company, West Kingston Power Partners campaigned for two months, subsequently, raising a total of J$402,000 in staff contributions, which was then matched by both companies.

Director General of the ODPEM Major Clive Davis, accepted the cheque on behalf of Dominica and expressed his appreciation to JEP for its contribution.




Dominica is still in need of food, water, tarpaulins, medical kits, and other emergency supplies to support the island's restoration.

But Dominicans may have another issue to face.

According to, health authorities in the country have said they are awaiting confirmation of a preliminary test to determine whether the island has registered its first case of the unusual virus, Hanta Virus.

The virus, like leptospirosis, is spread by rodents.

A statement by the minister of health and environment said that confirmatory tests are being done at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta in the US and that an epidemiological investigation has not found further cases on the island.

Health authorities warn that the virus can spread through "inhalation of aerosolised particles of rat droppings" and are advising people to practise good hygiene and report rat infestation to the Environmental Health Office.

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