Top shotta's home firebombed

November 23, 2017
Police personnel monitor the situation in the troubled communities of the Waltham Park area.


Following threats by an alleged 'shotta' to murder 10 women in reprisal for the death of his mother, residents of Bowens Road in Kingston 13 have set ablaze his home, seeking to remove his influence there.

The 21-year-old, who is regarded as a feared and slippery gangster, remains in custody after the police held him outside of the community the day before his mother was killed.

Our news team understands that the residents have been fearful since the death of his mother on Sunday, November 12.

THE STAR understands that people who wanted to see him leave the community launched an attack on his home, setting fire to an entire yard located on Bowens Road sometime after 9 p.m. on Tuesday.

A resident told THE STAR: "Him get a taste of his own medicine because a so dem go round and burn down people house. Di woman dem fear dem and dem have people a back dem."

"All of the house dem bun dung inna the yard because dem nuh want dem fi come back," another resident continued




The community members added that although the gangster is being held by the police, they are still fearful.

"We know him will do it. Dem say dem want 10 (women), and dem bwoy deh can't tame. Police have him, yes, but him other brother deh a road and dem fren dem will come kill we off," the resident said.

THE STAR recently reported that several homes in the community were firebombed, as gang warfare was ongoing for sometime.

Last week, when our news team visited the community, there was a heavy police and military presence in the community and the yard, which was burnt on Tuesday night, and was being monitored by the security forces.

THE STAR gathered that the 'top shotta' in question is the man who was attacked in a daring shooting inside the Hunts Bay Police Station last December, while he was reporting on condition of bail.

The Hunts Bay police said they are investigating Tuesday's arson attack.

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