MoBay flooding is a sign from God - Religious man claims tragedy was a warning, pastors disagree

November 24, 2017
Three quarters of this house was destroyed by flood waters.
Marvin Roberts
A pedestrian makes his way along a muddied street in downtown Montego Bay yesterday.
Janise Stephenson is thankful to be alive after being rescued by two young men who saw her washing away.
Rubis Gas Station in downtown Montego Bay was covered in mud.

At least one religious man believes that Wednesday's flooding, which inundated the streets of Montego Bay and left cars swimming, was a sign from God that criminals in the second city should change their ways.

Marvin Roberts, who claimed to have the solution to the crime and violence affecting Montego Bay back in 2016, told THE WEEKEND STAR that his spiritual connection to the higher power has convinced him that the flooding is a sign that criminals should change their ways.

"Anybody who nah take this as a serious warning, beware. Just like how God punished Sodom and Gomorrah, the floods is retribution for the wickedness happening in Montego Bay," said 57-year-old Roberts, who is a Seventh-day Adventist.

"Crime happening everywhere, yes, but in Montego Bay all kinda wrongs going on there. And while the good suffering with the bad down there, God have his reasons, and I think it's best if we take it as a warning."




However, some pastors disagree with him, saying that the flooding was ' an act of man, more than an act of God'.

"The fact that Jamaicans won't have the discipline to deal with the issues of throwing garbage in gullies and in the drains, this is why it has happened. We are lucky it is just Montego Bay," Reverend Herro Blair Jr said. "I do pray that God gets the attention of the gunmen, but at the end of the day, we saw innocent people's cars being washed away."

Like Blair, Pastor John Hardy does not believe that God was showing a sign to Montegonians.

"Natural disasters do occur from time to time. Sometimes persons attribute acts of nature to God showing signs, but I don't agree. If it was a sign then why none of the scammers or gunmen weren't washed away," Hardy questioned.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Andrew Holness and other Government officials toured the city to assess the damage. The Government also pledged to assist the flood victims.

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