Mother says dad molested three-year-old daughter

November 24, 2017

A mother, who claims that her three-year-old daughter was molested by the child's father in December last year, is fuming at the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA), as, according to her, she is yet to get a response from the body after reporting the matter in January.

Pamela James* said that she reported the matter to the Greater Portmore Police Station a day after her daughter, who was two years old at the time, told her that "Daddy pick her nana".

"As I found out, I took her to the nearest police station (Waterford Police Station). They sent me to 100 Man Police Station (Greater Portmore Police Station). They took a report on January 9, and they said that they will be in touch with me," James told THE WEEKEND STAR.




According to James, the police reached out to her three weeks later to clarify the statement, but she said that she has been getting the runaround ever since.

"Weeks passed, and nothing out of them. So I called and asked what is going on, and every time I call is either she (the person who took the statement) is on vacation or she is out of office or she gone to court," James recounted.

Frustrated, James said she decided to report the matter to the Child Development Agency (CDA).

"It led to a point where I called the CDA, they took my information, and they say that they were gonna call me and nothing," James said.

James said that she discovered that her daughter was molested while bathing her the day after she returned from her Christmas vacation at her father's home in Manchester.

"When she came up back I was bathing her, and when I reach down to her navel she started crying, and I said to her, 'What happen?' and she said that her 'nana' hurting her. I asked her what she mean and she say, 'Daddy pick her nana'," James said.

"When I said show me what him do, she open her leg, push her finger there (vagina) and she started rubbing it. When I open and look it was very red on both sides inside."

Head of CISOCA, Charmaine Shand, promised to launch an investigation into the matter.

*Name changed

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