Working! Working! - More Jamaicans getting jobs

November 24, 2017
Scores of persons line the sidewalk along East Street at the entrance to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security Overseas Employment Centre in May.

More Jamaicans are getting jobs, the Government's chief data collection agency has claimed.

According to the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, a record 1,216,200 persons were employed as at July 2017.

Dr Wayne Henry, director general of the Planning Institute of Jamaica, said the figure represents an increase of 29,200 persons relative to July 2016.

"This out-turn in the number of employed persons continues the trend of establishing record levels of employment observed since mid-2016. Prior to these increases, the previous record level of employment was registered in October 2008 at 1,174,500 persons," Henry said.

He noted that the largest increases in employment were seen in hotels and restaurants, the financial sector, and the repair of motor vehicles and equipment.

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