Twin sister murdered - Shot multiple times in Stony Hill

November 25, 2017
Akino Ming photo Macalla Reid's twin sister, Macada, has been murdered.
Akino Ming photo Macada's mom, Camille Morgan, is overcome with emotion.
Akino Ming photo Macada's mom, Camille Morgan, leafs through an album with photos of her daughter.

When Macalla Reid was growing up with her twin sister, Macada Reid, it was double the laughs and double troubles. But Macalla will have to bear the burden of grief on her own after her twin sister, 23 Macada, was murdered on Airy Castle Road in Stony Hill, St Andrew, yesterday morning.

It is reported that Macada was on her way to work with a male companion when a lone gunman pounced upon them and opened fire. Reid was shot seven times. She was taken to the University Hospital of the West Indies where she was pronounced dead.

The male companion was admitted to hospital.

Gazing at a photo of her and her twin sister, Macalla broke down in tears as she tried to fathom why someone would want kill her sister.

"Is not a girl who troubles anyone or mix up inna nothing, so it hurt me really bad to know that them really shoot her up," Macalla said.




She said that their birthday will no longer be a day for celebration. "July 8 is going to be a tough day for me cause normally we go out on our birthday together," Macalla said.

Kedeen Smith, Macada's friend, recalled the last conversation they had.

"I was with her last night and I was the last one spoke to her. She called at 5:13 this morning because it was raining she asked me for an umbrella. I told her that I don't have any so I thought she would have stayed home. In half-hour I hear mi door a knock down and them say someone dead, and she was the last person on my mind, and when I reach up the road dem a say Macki," Smith recounted.

Macada's mom, Camille Morgan, said she heard the explosions as she was getting ready for work, but had no clue it was her child's life was being snuffed out.

"When mi hear the gunshot them I say that I am not going down inna dat and I called my co-worker and say do not come for me because a wol heap a shot a fire," Morgan recalled. "And when I heard the bawling out I heard someone said Macada and when I got there is my daughter that mi see lie down inna the road, stand still not saying a thing."

Staring at her daughter's body was hard, but what seemed even harder was telling her granddaughter, only six years old, that her mother is dead.

"I called her grandmother (paternal grandmother) and she know now. It was hard," Morgan said.

The Constant Spring police have launched an investigation.

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