$500 a push - St Thomas residents cash in on flooding

November 27, 2017
A screen grab of a motorist escorting this through flooded roads at Hartley Crossing, near Golden Grove in St Thomas yesterday.


Some persons in eastern St Thomas cashed in on the flooded roads yesterday by charging $500 to help motorists navigate the area.

"A risk we a run with our life enuh so naturally we affi ask for sumn," a resident from neighbouring community Amity Hall said.

Several motorists were left stranded in the parish yesterday as the Golden Grove and Hordley Crossing main roads were again inundated with floodwaters from torrential rain over the weekend.

Michael McLeod, councillor for the Dalvey Division in which Golden Grove falls, said extensive river training is needed to keep the water off the road.

"When you have heavy rain up in Johnson Mountain and those places its hard for the river to contain the water," McLeod told THE STAR.

The residents in the community are also calling on local cane farmers to create drains around the cane fields as they believe this is also contributing to the flooding.

"A right out of the cane field the water a come from," one resident said. " Dem need fi dig more drain man, a serious ting."

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