New twist in Munga's murder case - Crime Stop offers big reward for killers

November 27, 2017
Munga Honorebel

In a major development in the murder case involving entertainer Munga Honorebel, Crime Stop has announced that it is offering a reward of $300,000 to any person with information that can lead to the arrest and charge of men involved in the killing of Clevelend Smith.

Munga was charged with Smith's murder in May. He has denied any involvement with the killing.

The $300,000 reward is being put up by Crime Stop and concerned citizens. The offer expires next November.

Crime Stop noted that Munga, whose given name is Damion Rhoden, is before the courts for the incident, but said others are involved in Smith's murder.

"The police are anxious to get any information on the names and whereabouts of the other persons who were at the location when Cleveland was killed," Crime Stop said.




Christopher Townsend, Munga's lawyer, said the reward being offered by Crime Stop suggests that the police might not be certain that his client was involved in Smith's murder.

"It certainly clouds the issue as to whether or not the identification that they made was a proper identification," Townsend told THE STAR yesterday.

In his bail application for Munga, Townsend said that his client has features that are similar to other persons living in the community where the incident happened, and thus a mistake in identity may have occurred.

Smith was murdered on February 12, along Molynes Road in Kingston. According to the police, he was riding his bicycle when he was attacked by a group of men, one of whom was armed with a firearm. It is further alleged that an altercation ensued and Smith was shot and killed.

Yesterday, head of communication at the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, said that it is not unusual for the police to have one suspect and seek others.

"This is not unusual. For example, in the just-concluded Ninja Man murder trial, there were three different suspects in the matter. So if they had arrested Ninja Man and they never found the other two, they would still do a send out," Lindsay said.

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